Pol Construction work with all types of roofing, from traditional lead to modern flat roofs. Roofing requires careful attention to ensure it lasts for many years and remains beautiful throughout the years. We believe that a roof is just as important as any other part of a renovation or build.

We take on all types of roofing projects including repair work and full replacements. We try to maintain the appearance of the existing roof and the new roof so it all blends in beautifully.

As we now live in a modern world – we are adapting modern practices into our approach whilst maintaining traditional techniques. This ensures that best practice is met which extends the life of a roof. We use single ply rubber membranes called Firestone – this is far more robust and longer lasting than the traditional felt – it is better looking too!

We also work with zinc or lead roofing. We have reputable suppliers that we have worked with for years and can provide these at great rates. These materials are extremely durable and offer a beautiful and pleasing appearance – important when merging older roofing with newer extensions.



To provide a quality of service, superiorly professionally managed projects and once becoming one of our valued clients you will never again have the need to change and find another building company, project manager, contractors, builders or interior designers.

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